Member benefits

Member benefits

What the NC Providers Council does for our members:

  • Members represent an established, statewide community of successful provider organizations and Licensed Independent Practitioners that benefit from access to the General Assembly and guidance from the business and clinical expertise of the elected Board members who are also vested Association members.
  • Members benefit from strategic affiliations with State government officials, LME/MCOs, and Health Plans.
  • Members meet year-round on standing Committees to inform the policy agenda for: Regulatory and Business Practices; Mental Health and Substance Use services; Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities services; and Operational Data Strategies. Committee meetings usually include DHHS officials to promote State accountability and oversight and to give members an opportunity for constructive dialogue in an informal setting.
  • Members collaborate to promote positive legislative and policy changes for providers and the people who we support.
  • The Providers Council helps agencies and Licensed Independent Practitioners prepare for success in the North Carolina Medicaid Transformation to managed care.
  • The Providers Council informs members about the ever-changing landscape within the context of federal and State requirements and public policy via bi-weekly federal, State, and LME/MCO newsletter updates.
  • The Providers Council hosts a statewide, annual conference that features national health policy experts, State DHHS officials, and fellow behavioral health practitioners and administrators.
  • Providers Council Executive, Board, and Committee leaders analyze the potential impact of proposed system changes on members and the people who we support.
  • Providers Council Executive, Board, and Committee leaders articulate and propose solution-oriented recommendations to LME/MCO and Health Plan executives, NC DHHS officials, and General Assembly Members.
  • The Providers Council advocates for business practices and reimbursement rates that: yield adequate staffing resources and wages; promote positive health outcomes for beneficiaries; and hold LMEs and providers to quality standards that can be implemented with minimal administrative burden.

If you’re an IDD/MH/SUD provider and not yet a member, please join the association that stands for providers working together on behalf of the individuals who we support —become a member of the NC Providers Council!


National Resources

  • ANCOR (American Network of Community Options and Resources) (The North Carolina Providers Council is a Member)
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

State Resources

Legislative Branch

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch

Collaborating Statewide Agencies

  • Addiction Professionals of NC
  • Alcohol/Drug Council of NC
  • The Arc of NC
  • Autism Society
  • Benchmarks
  • Brain Injury Association
  • DDFA
  • Easter Seals UCP
  • First in Families of NC
  • Governor’s Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • I2i Center for Integrative Health
  • Licensed Professional Counselors Association of NC
  • Mental Health Association – Affiliates NC
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness NC
  • NC Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • NC Association of the Deaf
  • NC Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • NC Association of Persons in Supported Employment
  • NC Employee Assistance Program Association
  • NC Healthcare Association
  • NC Psychiatric Association
  • NC Psychological Association and NC Psychological Foundation
  • Oxford Houses
  • NC Substance Abuse Prevention Providers Association
  • Recovery Communities of NC


How Does Our Shared Resource Benefit Work?

NC Providers Council has negotiated discounts on products and services that many members use every day! Not only does this benefit reduce overhead; it enables providers to redirect precious dollars to mission-related activities.

Why Take Advantage of the Shared Resource Benefit?

  • Significant cost savings through negotiated product discounts.
  • Access to leading industry purchasing, cost control and cost efficiencies practices
  • Shared economies of scale
  • Access to comparative pricing analysis

Through our Shared Resources Network Program, the NC Providers Council offers the following quality products for your consideration to benefit your agency and the NC Providers Council.

Whether you are looking to improve regulatory compliance and clinical training, reduce supply costs or offer a broader product selection, McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers comprehensive solutions to help your facility achieve better clinical and business outcomes.

North Carolina Providers Council members receive significant savings on products and services from McKesson by contacting  Evan T. Rush, Account Manager, McKesson Medical-Surgical, Extended Care Division, 704-277-3575,  For more information go to: