About us

About us

The NC Providers Council was organized to promote the overall improvement of community support services for individuals who require those supports to live in their communities across North Carolina.

This specifically includes:

Promoting openness and communication about issues that are critical to the success of the services and supports we are contracted to provide to individuals who have disabilities and treatment needs;

Encouraging professional growth and training opportunities to facilitate the availability of qualified personnel necessary to provide required services;

Advocating for reasonable and appropriate governmental policies, compensation, and other resources necessary to provide the supports and services requested;

Supporting members through consultation and networking our abilities and resources;

Fostering the development of appropriate resources and services; and

Ensuring that members adhere to the Council’s professional Code of Ethics.

Our agenda is designed to promote our overarching goals of:

  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Leadership
  • Partnership

Any provider of community-based support services for people who have disabilities and treatment needs who support our goals and will abide by the organization’s professional ethics standards is welcome to join.

The current membership includes providers that specialize in intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance use disorders and other DHHS funded programs that impact these services.

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