Become a Board Member

Become a Board Member


How Are Board Members Elected?

  • Section IV of the Bylaws controls Board of Directors elections and duties.
  • Each November the Board solicits nominations for candidates from the membership.
  • Every Provider Member agency has one voting member, and only the designated voting member from an organization may cast nominations and vote for the candidates on the ballot.

What Are The Duties of NC Providers Council Board Members?

  • The Board of Directors of the NC Providers Council creates the policies and manages the affairs of the Association in accordance with applicable law and the Bylaws.
  • Board Members must sign a statement agreeing to abide by the North Carolina Providers Council’s “Bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Conflict of Interest Agreement Statement” before assuming their duties.
  • Board Members are required to be the designated voting delegates of their agencies.
  • Board Members attend quarterly in-person Board meetings and Chair standing Committees (Regulatory & Business Practices; Provider Network Council; Mental Health-Substance Use Disorders; and I/DD).
  • Board Members also serve as session moderators during the annual conference and nominate the Steve Jordan Lighthouse award recipient each year.

What Are the Duties of NC Providers Council Board Officers?

  • Board Members vote among themselves in December of each year for officer positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the following calendar year. The President facilitates Board meetings; the Vice President leads membership recruitment and retention efforts; the Secretary records minutes during Board meetings; and the Treasurer oversees the administration of the Association’s finances with the Cansler Collaborative Resources, Inc.
  • The Immediate Past-President serves as an ex officio (non-voting) Member for one year.

How Long Is A Board Member Term?

  • Nine Board Members serve a term of three years each on a staggered basis.
  • Board Members may serve two consecutive terms for a total of six years, but then must take one year off before running for a Board seat again.

Are NC Providers Council Board Members Compensated?

  • The Board of Directors is a volunteer board, not compensated for their time attending meetings.
  • Board members are eligible for reimbursement for expenses associated with reasonable duties assigned by the Board.