Judy Lawrence

Judy Lawrence

Judy Lawrence has served as an Integration Consultant with North Carolina Integrated Care for Kids (NC InCK) based with North Carolina Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (DJJDP) since November 2021. This role focuses on integrating the supports and resources provided to DJJDP-involved youth and their families across multiple core youth service areas.

Ms. Lawrence has worked with the State of North Carolina since February 2007, holding leadership roles with NC DHHS, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and DJJDP. She has led myriad projects for TANF and SNAP programs, administered a District Guardian ad Litem program, and managed the national Work Support Strategies and SNAP Collaborative initiatives. Prior to her work with NC government systems, Ms. Lawrence was a Social Work Supervisor with the Alamance County Department of Social Services in North Carolina, as well as working with social services agencies in West Virginia, Florida, and Ohio.

Ms. Lawrence earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Family Studies and Human Services from Ohio University in 1998 and achieved her Lean Process Improvement certification from NC State University in 2017.


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